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Driving Instructor Uxbridge

Driving Instructor Uxbridge

Hi, welcome to the going2pass driving school blog. We hope that you will find this blog informative and interesting.

If you wish your driving instructor can accompany you on the test, but he or she must sit in the back directly behind you, and not interfere with the test at all.

We are professional driving instructors in Hayes... We teach in the areas of Hayes, Uxbridge, Southall, West Drayton, and Isleworth.All of our instructors are qualified driving instructors and registered with the DVSAwe provide special discounts for students at Uxbridge College (Hayes and Uxbridge campus) and Brunel University. In addition we also provide discounts for clients whoblock book driving lesson.

We also provide female driving instructors in Hayes and the surrounding areas. We provide competitive and affordable driving lessons in Hayes.

We provide both manual and automatic driving lessons, for a variety of different clients; for those who have no driving experience, those that are have some driving experience, those that require refresher training and those that want to build up confidence driving on motorways, or those that have driven in other countries and want to learn the rules in the UK, and finally those that wish to complete the pass plus to reduce their insurance premiums.

Regardless of which stage you are at, at Going2pass we believe in providing high quality instruction to clients and surely that should be the most paramount thing in all businesses? Well not always with some businesses they are more interested in profits and not ensuring their customers is happy and satisfied.

What is involved in passing a driving test?

There are two main parts to passing a driving test, the theory test and the practical driving test. The theory part is made of multiple choice questions and a hazard perception test.

The practical driving test involves an eyesight check, a few safety questions and about 40 minutes of driving- some of which is independent driving. When both parts: theory and practical tests have been passed the client has passed their driving test.

Our aim, for all our clients, is to ensure that they become safe drivers and are able to react, and adapt, their driving to different road situations.