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Our Services

Going2PassDrivingSchool is offering its services for newbie and exeprienced drivers who have not gone behind the wheel for a while.

Driving Tuition

Our professional, friendly and reliable instructors can help you to get on road in lesser time and better skills. We offer driving lessons on one to one basis that allows us to have more focus on each individual. Our expert instructor make you feel ease behind the wheel and boost your confidence to help you pass your driving test.

Refresher Lessons

Refresher lessons are designed for those who have not driven for a while and want to be on roads soon or the newly qualified drivers who recently earned their licence but want to boost their confidenace before finally hit the roads. Our refresher course will improve your existing driving skills. Realtime driving will help you gain your control over wheels.

Pass Plus courses

Pass Plus is a specially designed practical training course for young drivers who have recently passed their driving test and want to gain confidence and experience. This includes learning how to reduce the risk of accidents. Our Pass Plus course can help to reduce insurance premiums which for younger drivers can often be expensive.

Our Pass Plus course is a 6 hour package, which includes the following in-car tuition:

How PassPlus helps you?
  • Dual carriageways
  • Motorway driving.
  • Rural roads
  • Complicated city situations
  • All weather conditions
  • Night driving

We offer Pass Plus Courses at very competitive rates- contact us now to find out more.