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Driving Test Uxbridge

Driving Test Uxbridge

Booking your practical driving test

We can also book both the theory and practical driving test for you if you wish us to do this. We can also accommodate last minute driving tests in Hayes and surrounding areas. We can also keep an eye on the DVSA website to look for earlier driving test dates for you. This takes the hassle and pressure off you of trying to find a suitable test date.

Changes to the practical driving test: motorway driving

On the 1st June 2018, major changes are being brought in about what ought to be taught, which means that clients who are learning to drive will be allowed to drive on motorways at speeds of upto 70MPH! This is provided they are with a driving instructor who has dual control installed in their car.

The reason why these changes are coming in is because there are shocking statistics which suggest that young drivers- particularly those that have just passed their test are the most likely to be involved in an accident.

Will I have to drive on a motorway during my practical test?

No, you will not be asked to drive on a motorway during your driving test. The practical driving test was overhauled in December 2017 to include a satnav element and an extended period of independent driving. There was, however, nothing added about motorways.

How can you prepare?

Your driving instructor will brief you prior to directing you on to a motorway during your lessons. Ahead of this, you should find that the experience will run a lot smoother if you first familiarise yourself with the rules of the motorway by reading your highway code.